Tomorrows Talent

As the UK moves towards a higher skilled economy, the demand for educational attainment increases.

The reality is many young people have never seen a modern working environment. If we are going to inspire young people in education, this needs to be addressed. 

Currently 43% of young people in Greater Manchester leave school with less than 5 GCSEs Grade A to C (including Math and English). Whilst educational attainment doesn’t define the potential of young people, it does create barriers into ‘further’ and ‘higher’ education, thus creating barriers into many jobs.

There are many reasons for lower educational attainment, from social challenges, to self-esteem issues. The reality is many young people simply don’t thrive in an academic environment. Perhaps one of the biggest contributing factors is young people making that connection between education and careers. The reality is many have never seen a modern working environment to inspire them. We believe business has a vital role to play in this area.

The aim of Tomorrows Talent is to connect employers with local schools and colleges to raise the profile of career paths, inspiring and motivating students on future careers.

Career Journey Videos

YP works in partnership with employers to create and deliver ‘Career Journey’ videos which showcase the different careers within their organisation. The videos help young people to learn about different roles so they are better able to get more focused on what they want to achieve and hence make more informed choices as to relevant qualifications and destinations once they leave school.

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