Jim Clarke

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At 17, Jim left school and started life working as Office Junior in a bank. After 1 year, he decided to join the RAF serving in many locations around the world both on active service and training including para (British/US), jungle, arctic,  desert and medic.  After 7 years, Jim decided to set out on a career in business and spent 4 years working for two companies in London and Manchester. From 2001 to 2014, alongside Alison Bagnall, Jim set up and ran two businesses – PWG and The Apprentice Academy; in 2015, he set up YP Potential.

Jim believes too many young people in education don’t feel they have potential purely based on their ability to pass exams. If they don’t feel they have potential, they will often lack hope of a positive future and this is the perfect environment for poor self esteem and negative behaviours.

 Alex Staniforth

Alex is a 21-year old motivational speaker, ambassador, author and part-time adventurer!

He has attempted to climb Mount Everest twice – both attempts were thwarted by disaster in the 2014 avalanche and 2015 Nepal earthquake. He has raised over £55,000 for charities, released his first book Icefall in 2016, endorsed by Bear Grylls. Suffering Epilepsy, bullying, mental health problems and a stammer as a child, he regularly speaks about his experiences to young people; inspiring them to overcome their own ‘Everest in life’.

As a keen runner and cyclist Alex understands why physical activity is so important. Also a Non-Executive Director, he manages One Mile Project day-to-day, from setting up projects to finding sponsors!

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