DDP’s Role Model Characteristics

Diamond Dallas Page, a Semi-Retired Pro Wrestler, in recent years has made the transition from the violent nature of Wrestling, to becoming a motivational speaker and Yoga Guru, forming DDP Yoga.

                                                  The man himself!

DDP started wrestling at the age of 35, an age often associated with the peaks of a wrestlers career. The late start from Page did not affect the popularity and fame he garnered from his stints in WCW and WWE, winning many championships in both promotions, including 3 WCW World Heavyweight Championships. He experienced insane levels of popularity, with a standout moment being his match against Goldberg at the Halloween Havoc pay-per view, where people started to believe Page could beat the unstoppable monster who was Goldberg at the time, hitting his finisher the ‘Diamond Cutter’ on the champion at the time. (With me being barely a toddler at the time, it shows the impact the match had on the wrestling world!)The crowd reaction to Page executing his finisher say’s it all. People watching WCW at the time in 1998, can find DDP’s athleticism and skills inspirational, and highlighted Page as a role model. Also, the years he was performing were considered a boom period for Wrestling, with television ratings through the roof because of people like DDP.

World Champ!

On to Yoga! DDP’s yoga program has inspired many people to lose body fat, gain muscle, and recover from past injuries.

  • ‘Get a kick-ass cardio workout
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Experience almost no joint impact’

“All I know is that DDP YOGA works for me, it’s the best training I’ve had in my life and it’s funny how I’ve been wrestling 10 years longer than CM Punk, but he’s the one who’s always walking around with more ice on him than an eskimo in February. I’m pain-free.” — Chris Jericho. AJ Styles, Chris Jericho, Ryback, Goldust, Edge, Titus O’Neil and Jake Roberts are just a few wrestlers/retired wrestlers who have benefited from DDP’s Yoga Program, as well as thousands of other people. There are many success stories coming from people taking the program, which again shows DDP to be an influence on the lives of thousands of people, with the goal of improving the lifestyle of the individuals who take the program. Popular YouTuber Boogie2988 has also taken the program, as seen in this video.

DDP Yoga

Not only does DDP have a yoga program, but he also delivers motivational speeches. Topics such as ‘Living Life at 90%’ and why not 100%, ‘Negatives to Positives’ and ‘Health = Wealth’ are all talked about.

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts, is a film about wrestling legend Jake the Snake receiving help from DDP to battle his demons to reclaim his life. An inspiring story that is really worth a watch. Watch it on Netflix or iTunes, not only is it a very good watch and an inspiring story, but it also highlights the help that DDP gives to people. Here is the trailer.

Overall it is clear to see the passion that Diamond Dallas Page displays in all of his individual ventures. Whether it be wrestling, motivational speaking or Yoga, DDP wants to inspire and make lives better. A great role model for anybody. Oh did I mention he is an actor? With over 104 credits to his name on IMDB, what can’t DDP do?! Did I mention he is 60 years old?

Hope you enjoyed the read. I might start DDP Yoga myself! BANG

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