5 Ways TECH can help our WELLBEING

A lot of media outlets will point out a lot of the negatives of advancements in technology and why it can be detrimental to our health, especially young people’s health. There is an element of truth to claims made, but the positives often don’t get mentioned. Believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to technology, and that’s what is going to be discussed in this article.

Smart Tech

First of all, the obvious point that makes people frown upon advancements in technology is how it can negatively affect an individual’s physical health, more specifically a person’s appearance and weight. But the truth is, a lot of technology is manufactured with people’s physical health in mind. Innovations like smart watches are designed with fitness tracking as one of the main selling points. You can also track your exercise on your smart phones, as demonstrated when I managed to get 100,000 steps in one week. So… this advancement in technology can increase your wellbeing, it isn’t just a cool gadget plucked straight from the Star Wars universe.

smart watch

Climate change

On a more worldwide scale, the rise of renewable energy sources like wind, wave and solar power as a result of technological advancements is both saving the planet and improving our physical health. Less carbon emissions, greenhouse gases and fumes coming from burning fossil fuels to source our energy, has meant that we are not as exposed to air pollution as we used to be. So tech is improving our wellbeing in that sense as well!

Social Benefits

There are a lot of claims that young people don’t exercise enough because they are too engrossed with the technology that they own. Whilst it is very true that you don’t burn many calories whilst streaming Netflix or playing Fifa on your games console, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is completely negative for your health. On the flip side, you can be positively affected both mentally and socially. On the social side of things, the rise of online multiplayer games in the mid-late 2000’s has had millions of people enjoying video games with their friends. Is anything more social than being with a big group of friends and doing an activity? That’s essentially what online gaming has become.5

Benefits to Mental Health

Our very own Charlie has discussed how video games have affected his mental health; spoiler alert – it’s positive. You can check that out here. He talks about the feel-good chemicals that you can get from playing games and the positive effects on your mental health. Technology can also benefit our mental health by simply being a resource to give advice if we are going through any struggles. The number of experts on the internet who can offer advice if you are struggling in any way is amazing, making sure that we have solutions to any problems that we may be experiencing.

Advancements in Medical practices

Thanks to technology, as a society we are able to cure thousands more diseases than ever before. Technology like MRI scanners, X Ray machines, cardiac monitoring and computer software for diagnosing people helps keep people alive, and keeping people alive is the most important benefit on this list.

MRI Scanner

That’s the list, hopefully you’re convinced that technology isn’t all bad. It has made the world a better, and much easier place to live, both increasing efficiency and our wellbeing.

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Post by Jack Hoyle

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